Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Obsessive is good

Looks-like-John Lenon writes:

Now. Obsessive is good. We love you for being obsessive. When all is said and down, the most important thing in science/mathematics is simply being correct. In novel work, simply getting to "correct" not to say "elegant" generally requires busting a gut. And there is often a difference between the truth and the whole truth. 

My personal record to date was an  8-word sentence that expanded and mutated wildly into three paragraphs of prose only to collapse back to it original form after five hours of angst. What a waste (?) of an evening!

But, without obsessives, mankind would still be scavenging for berries in the forests. Certainly the Wright Brothers would have never gotten off the ground. As a female Slovakian poet once passionately impressed upon me (in my last PhD year ...):

"The detail is all."

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Mason said...

All too familiar.