Tuesday, September 12, 1972

Babysitting infrared renormalization for perturbative QED

From the time immemorial rumor has it or better still the notion is abroad there exists a way out.
Samuel Beckett, "The Lost Ones"
Last night I babysat for the first time - and while babysitting I formulated a counter-term prescription for the I.R. problem. The last three weeks have been amazing: I solved a whole series of graph-theoretic problems, formalized the K intermediate counter-term renormalization, and invented the I counter-term renormalization. The last might turn out to be extremely important for QFT, because it is much simpler than the other schemes, and unifies the infrared and ultraviolet treatments.

After one whole week of solid work 73 pages of the paper are written. Many important concepts were formulated this week. Other than writing, I have not been living.

Cvitanović and Kinoshita, New approach to the separation of ultraviolet and infrared divergences of Feynman-parametric integrals, Phys. Rev. D 10, 3991-4006 (1974)