Wednesday, April 17, 1991

Zeta function for diffusion on Lorenz lattice

It started by having some great time with Mitchell, theologians and semi-idiots.

Then I ran into a problem, a problem that turned out to be very pleasant, the problem of Eckmannia. That is to say, we actually solved a problem - Eckmann is still convinced that if we could solve it, it must be trivial; "everybody must know that???" - but we finally wrote down the zeta function for diffusion on Lorenz lattice.

I have been thinking about it for at least 3 years - and it finally came out, with a very pretty and sensible answer. So now we have done what I never have done; written a paper in 2 days flat, from first conversation about existence of the problem, to the first complete draft of the paper.

I was also screamed at by some Chinese physicist about importance of his solution of the percolation problem, but I am so happy it made no dent.