Sunday, February 13, 2011

Servicing undergraduates

[Cannot keep up with the stream of email ordered tasks. One hypothesis is that there is more crap floating in, the other is that I'm slower. But my email is nothing compared to what my younger friends get from their undergraduates. Especially if you are a young considerate woman. Here is one of the reports from the front trenches:]

[...] there is definitely more crap floating in. My students send messages of the type 

"I cannot come at ... for ... But I can come between 13:17 and 13:21 on Wednesday or between 15:07 and 15:09 on Thursday."

(only slightly exaggerated).
"We have not succeeded in the homeworks and we didn't attend the first exam. Can we participate in the second exam?" 

(Yes, you can, according to university regulations but in any case you won't get any credits, also according to university regulations ... You should know that yourselves.) 

"I want to go to Spain as an ERASMUS exchange student. Do they have the courses "Introduction to bullshit 1" and "Specialization in dirty Maths 2" at University XY? These are the courses I still need to take for my degree."

followed by the threat

"If you cannot answer that on the spot I'd like to take an appointment."

Where are we?!? Kindergarden?

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Mason said...

That is far, far worse than what I get---though some of the students here do occasionally turn on the British snobbery. (I respond to that with sarcasm.)

By the way, my e-mail request was reasonable. :)