Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Instead of working on Slice & Dice draft with Stefan

anti-dote, to help you recover from the Xmass drivel:
Pretty Girls Make Graves
Soophie Nun Squad
Waxahatchee - Sister Saint
Sara Cilantro
I Monster
Why this despair? Let us summarize where we are on the Dreams of Grand Scheme timeline:
Erik's thesis topic was to use periodic orbits to describe turbulence. Believes he is Feigenbaum's student, is baffled that his paper with Roberto and me is still his most cited paper. Erik knows weirdest things, like details of Polish history, but on turbulence he failed utterly. Freddy, Vaktang, Yuheng and Evangelos finally did the essential preliminary steps, on a 1-dimensional model of a 'turbulent' flame. Jonathan was the first, with fellow Zappatista John, to really work on fluid turbulence. I still have to find someone willing to understand and so we can quotient symmetries, cut Poincare sections and finally recycle fluid turbulence.
That would be a warm up step to applying the Grand Scheme to Yang-Mills and general relativity.

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